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Expulsion of Demons, Protective Magic

Exorcism means the expulsion of demons and other negative powers from people, but also from plants and animals. A demon can dwell deeply in the energy centers of a man. Then it manifests itself as other voices, aggression, pain or diseases. In such situations it is necessary to use exorcism, which gets rid of negative entities in the underworld. Furthermore it is vital to build a protective wall, so that such vampires cannot return. Exorcism is very energy-demanding work. Very often is need also some sacrifice in order to attract demon’s attention. While the demon feasts on the sacrifice, one has to build strong energy wall around the client so that demon cannot return back to the client’s energy system.

Then, the client him/herself has to make his/her energy field stronger. This is achieved through meditations, rituals and energy transfers. We recommend not to drink alcohol for several months and not to practice any extreme things, which could weaken the energy field or immune system. We recommend to commit fully to train own mind to be focused on positive an good things like love, gratitude and stillness. This is the best protection against negativity, because where is the light, cannot be the darkness!

People affected by black magic tend to be depressive. Besides magic we recommend to read the book from Dr. David Burns: Feeling Good, The New Mood Therapy.

People who were attacked by magic or took drugs have to be careful, because demon can return when their body is weak. We recommend to go regularly to church, read spiritual books and to meditate. Here you can read more about your protection.

Exorcism protection

No Demon will leave his victim voluntarily, that’s why we have to make during exorcism contact with him and we have to force him to leave.

Do you feel like someone has put a curse on you? Do you feel overwhelmed by something negative? We can help you to liberate from negative forces and black magic.

In order to protect him/herself, one should follow some important principles. Magician follows them during his/her whole life:

Do not eat/drink things, which make your energy weak (alcohol, drugs, strong pills etc).

Do not allow your mind to focus on negative thoughts and emotions.

Do not occupy your mind with some extreme opinions or beliefs.

Make a salt bath (bath your feet/face with salt water, or, bath your whole body in salt water with approx. 2 kg of salt for 15 minutes)

Meditate regularly with a white candle.

Pray regularly to God Almighty.

Read positive spiritual books, which help your mind to focus on positive things.

In addition, we also recommend to protect against negative energies in this way:

Create for your home or office four mirrors with a text written by marker on the surface of the mirrors:

“May all arrows, which were shot agains me, return back to their sender. May his/her bow is broken.”

Place these mirrors on windows to all four directions (east, north, west and south) with the text being turned outside.

Place above the entrance door some magical protection sign (cross, pentagram etc.). Magician would load this subject with protective energy or s/he will create an astral being with the special task to protect the entrance.

Create/buy some protective magical amulet (the best is one, which carries inside special astral being for protection) and carry it with you all the time.